Pre Auction Inspections

Once the auctioneer’s Gavel hits the desk, the sale is completed and the auction is over. If you are the successful bidder, you are now the owner of the property, warts and all!

It is highly unlikely that after an auction has been completed, the seller or indeed the auctioneer will permit you to only complete the sale when you have had an Inspection carried out on the property you have just purchased. Or to put it in simple words, you are too late!

If you have seen the property of your choice and you are about to bid for it at auction, we cannot over emphasise the importance of having a Pre-Auction Building Inspection prior to the actual auction itself. This will enable you to become aware of any defects that may exist in the property and so allow you to take these into consideration when you make your bids.

Our Pre-Auction Inspection is identical to all our other inspections and we will undertake a close inspection of: –

  • The interior and exterior of the main building
  • The roof space framing structures
  • Floors, walls, ceilings, Windows, doors, plastering and painting
  • The presence or indication of rising damp and moisture in walls, flooring or roofing structure.
  • A thorough examination of all plumbing fixtures and fittings.
  • The effectiveness of roof tiling and security of gutters, valleys, flashings, downpipes, vents and flues.
  • The checking of surface water drains, paths and driveways, retaining walls, outbuildings and sheds, boundary fences and trees with close proximity to the house.

We understand that people do not have a big amount of time prior to an auction and therefore on most occasions, we are able to carry out the Inspection on the same day that we receive your instructions. In any event, in a worst scene scenario, we would undertake the inspection and issue our report within a maximum of 24 hours from receiving your instructions.