Pre Handover Inspections

The big day is about to arrive when you complete purchase and are ready to move into your brand-new house. There is only one thing left to do and that is to make sure there are no defects with the building that could turn into long drawn and often intense discussion with the builder in order to get them put right.

Our Pre-Handover Inspection takes all these worries away from you.

Prior to finally accepting the keys, we will make arrangements with the builders to carry out a detailed inspection of the property to ensure that everything is as it should be when you make the final purchase payment.

If our inspection does reveal any defects, no matter how small, you can point these out to the builder and have them remedied prior to final of your purchase and you’re moving in.

All too often wehear of people who have bought a new house and after handing over the money, receiving the keys and moving in, it is only at that stage they realise there are various defects write a good MBA application essay at the builder did not put right before now. They can often be a long drawn-out affair to try and get the builder to remedy the situation.

Don’t put yourself in this position! Call Adrian now at 0411 626 398 so that he can arrange for one of our inspectors to visit the property on your behalf and ensure that everything is perfect condition prior to you taking over the keys!