Termite Inspections

All too often, property buyers think to themselves “I can look for any termite damage myself so I won’t have a Termite/Pest Inspection carried out – that way I’ll save myself a few dollars!”

If you think this, read our heading once more and then consider these facts: –

  • Any damage caused to a property by Termites is SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED from any building insurance policy throughout Australia!
  • Termite infestation is not immediately obvious to a cursory inspection.
  • Damage to any timber is not on the surface of the timber but within the woodwork itself.
  • To undertake a thorough inspection, specialised equipment is necessary to locate and identify the presence of any termite/pest infestation.
  • If severe enough, termites can destroy your home within a very short period of time!

Our Termite Inspection is very thorough which results in an extremely detailed report.

Our Inspectors, when undertaking their inspection, will be looking for signs of fungal decay, rot, overall signs of termite infestation and possible danger areas where it may arise. Our report will include the results of our inspections in the following areas: –

  • Interior – we will look specifically for any plumbing leaks which could result in dampness that in turn is a major attraction to termites. This will include an inspection in the bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and other wet areas as we seek out any indications of mould. We will also ensure that plumbing overflows are directed well away from the premises. We also test all timber for hollowness and signs of damage.
  • Exterior – anything stored close to the property such as garden debris, household items and even the build-up of soil from nearby garden beds, can create the ideal conditions that permit termite infestation. We also check any boundary fences or trees along with any outbuildings to make sure that they are free of and show no signs of termites.
  • Roof Void – using specialised moisture sensors, we will verify that there are no high moisture readings within roof timber and that there is adequate ventilation to minimise this risk. We will ensure that there is no evidence of leaking roofs, plumbing or drainpipes and ensure that any indications of activity to roofing materials is absent.
  • Sub-Floor – our use of the latest thermal imagery technology enables us to effectively see through timber and ensure that it is not hollow, which would indicate that it has been eaten away by termites. We will apply thistechnology to any building framework, floor joists, underfloor areas and general flooring. Furthermore we will ensure that all sub floor areas have adequate ventilation, which no airflow vents are obstructed and there are no signs of poor drainage, decay or blocked weep holes. Finally we will verify that there are no indications of water leaks from bathrooms, kitchens, laundries or any other wet areas which could encourage extensive termite infestation activity.

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