Pre Sale Inspections (Vendor)

If you are selling your home, it is far more beneficial that you are aware of any possible faults or defects that a building inspector might find when undertaking an inspection on behalf of your potential buyer.

When you come to negotiate the purchase price with your potential buyer, you not only show “utmost good faith” with the buyer, but you also establish a greater confidence when you are able to produce your independent report, which lays out the actual condition of the property you are selling, for everyone to see.

You indicate to the buyer that you have nothing to hide but more important, this can often encourage your buyer to make a faster decision to complete the purchase. They would no longer need to have a Building Inspection carried out on their behalf, with all the time and extra costs that this would entail but the sale can be completed, without it being conditional upon receiving a further report.

In summary therefore, a Pre-Sale Report will allow you to: –

  • Provide prospective buyers with confidence in your property.
  • Identify any major maintenance issues in advance of buyers’ viewings.
  • Enables you to factor any adverse conditions of the property into the sale price.
  • Save the potential buyer time and extra cost in obtaining additional reports.
  • Encourages potential buyers to make a faster decision to purchase your property.

Before you take your home to market, call nowon 0411 626 398 and let him arrange for one of our inspectors to visit your property and carry out a Pre-Sale Inspection on your behalf!